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Zürich 1953 by Miguel Najdorf (Published in 2012)
Andy Soltis in his Foreword has this to say: "In the half-century since Bronstein’s work was published, it was hailed as the perfect tournament book. It is, of course, a classic. But it might be just the second-best book written about this tournament."
How to Beat Your Kids at Chess by David MacEnulty (Published in 2012)
David was played by Ted Danson in the movie Knights of the South Bronx.

Vienna 1922 by GM Larry Evans
My System by Nimzowitsch
Lasker's Manual of Chess by Lasker

Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca
Common Sense in Chess by Lasker

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Mayhem in the Morra! by Marc Esserman
1.d4 Volume One by Boris Avrukh
The English Opening Volume One by Mihail Marin
Beating the Open Games, 2nd ed. by Mihail Marin
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